Saturday, September 12, 2009

SSH broken if you disable Telnet in ontap 7.3.1

And here’s another bug which we hit a last month.

Last month when I was doing setup of our new filers I disabled telnet on the systems with along-with lots of other tweaking but later on when I tried to connect the system with SSH it refused. Thinking about that I might have turned off some other deep registry feature I went through entire registry but couldn’t find anything suspicious.

So I turned on SSH verbose login, tried to re-run SSH setup with different passkey sizes and what not, but no joy. Finally I tried with enabling telnet and voila it worked. By the time it worked it was around 7 pm so I called a day and left office scratching my head.

Next morning again I started looking around if there was something obvious I am missing but no, I couldn’t find anything even on NOW site, so I opened a case with NetApp and even NetApp guy was not able to understand why system is behaving like this, but finally in late evening that NetApp chap came to me with a BURT # 344484 which was fixed in

Now there was a big problem as I wasn’t quite ready to upgrade my systems with a patched version so decided to let have telnet enable and wait for 7.3.2 to arrive. But since that time I was getting bugged with IT-security team because I was trying to get these systems connected in network so I can start allocating some space and get rid of space low warning but these guys were not allowing me because telnet was enabled on them. Finally past week when I noticed 7.3.2RC1 and 8.0RC1 availability on now site I got some sigh of relief as I believe now 7.3.2 GA should be available within a month and finally I can have my systems meeting my organization security policy more importantly I can get rid of pending space allocation request.

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