Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NetApp NFS agent for VCS - Part 3

In first post I wrote why I need this agent installed and what all are the features of this, and in last post I mentioned how to configure it on cluster node but that was incomplete because the post was going very big and I had to stop it, so here’s the remaining and very important part of that configuration.

How to configure different account name in NetApp NFS agent for VCS?

Hunting around in agent’s configuration guide from Veritas and NetApp didn’t reveal any result and even their KB search was not helpful. So I was left to choose my way and explore the stuff which I started with creating a new customized account on filer only for this purpose.

Here are the actual commands I used to create them starting from customized role to account.

‘useradmin role add exportfs -c "To manage NFS exports from CLI" -a cli-exportfs*,cli-lock*,cli-priv*,cli-sm_mon*’
‘useradmin group add cli-exportfs-group -r exportfs -c "Group to manage NFS exportfs from CLI"’
‘useradmin user add vcsagent -g cli-exportfs-group -c "To manage NFS exports from NetApp VCS Agent"’

And here’s the account after creation

testfiler1> useradmin user list vcsagent
Name: vcsagent
Info: To manage NFS exports from NetApp VCS Agent
Rid: 131090
Groups: cli-exportfs-group
Full Name:
Allowed Capabilities: cli-exportfs*,cli-lock*,cli-priv*,cli-sm_mon*
Password min/max age in days: 0/4294967295
Status: enabled

Now next thing was to give limited access to cluster node using vcsagent user and revoke its root access which was nothing more then removing dsa keys from /etc/sshd/root/.ssh/authorized_keys file and adding in /etc/sshd/vcsagent/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

After completing that I headed back to host and created a new file named config in .ssh directory of root with below content

Host testfiler1
User vcsagent
port 22
hostName testfiler1.lab.com

As a test I issued command “ssh testfiler1 version” on node terminal and I got access denied error which was perfectly fine because now when I do ‘ssh testfiler1’ system looks into config file in .ssh directory and uses vcsagent user which is not having access to run version command. Everything was looking good so I started running tests by moving resource from one node to another but to my surprise they were failing to make changes on filer and looking at filer audit logs it shown that they are still using root for ssh to filer.

Till the moment I didn’t run test I was thinking that agent is just relying to OS for ssh username as NetApp hasn’t set any username attribute in agent moreover as I haven’t configured in OS which account to use that’s why when agent executes command ‘ssh testfiler1 ’ OS directs the ssh connection to connect with root (cluster node’s local logged-in user).

But after going through my failed test it made me to believe that username is hardcoded in agent script so I started looking in script and soon found below line in file NetApp_VCS.pm

$cmd = "$main::ssh -n root\@$host '$remote_cmd'";’

After having this finding it was not a big brainer work to figure out what was going wrong and what I have to do. Just removed the word ‘root’ from script and it started working because now it is using config file from .ssh directory and uses vcsagent as username, alternatively I could have replaced word root with vcsagent directly in script also to make it simple and stay away from maintaining config file but I felt this to be much better.

Unfortunately till today there is no alternative apart from making changes in script as NetApp and Veritas both were not able to help us apart from a statement “we will raise a product enhancement request”.

Update: You need to give access "security-priv-advanced" also to user, so role should look like below.

testfiler01> useradmin role list exportfs

Name: exportfs

Info: To manage NFS exports from CLI

Allowed Capabilities: cli-exportfs*,cli-lock*,cli-priv*,cli-sm_mon*,security-priv-advanced

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