Friday, April 3, 2009

False API warning message in syslog of NetApp filer


api.output.invalidSchema:warning]: Error in API output schema validation. API name: snapshot-autodelete-list-info. Detailed error: Missing output: options.

OnTap Version: 7.3, 7.3.1

I found this message in our all filer’s syslog but no clue where from they are coming because I have never called any api so started searching on net. After a lot of search found that it’s a bug in OnTap which complains about one API however as today there is no fix, just a workaround and moreover as per NetApp this bus is not scheduled to be fixed.

Surprising huh.. well here is the workaround.

priv set advanced

registry set state.api.schema_output_validate.enable off

To get more details about this bug # 339742 go to the below link

Thursday, April 2, 2009

False Disk Shelf mismatch error on Active/Active NetApp Filer


cf.fsm.shelfCount.fewerShelves:CRITICAL]: Disk shelf count mismatch: partner sees more of our A shelves on its B loop (14) than we do (13).

OnTap Version: 7.3.1

I got this bug while doing giveback of cluster, checked all the hardware and disks but they are working fine and there is no problem. Further checking in now site shown some light and I found a workaround for this.

Type the command 'options cf.takeover.on_disk_shelf_miscompare off'. This should be executed explicitly even if the option 'cf.takeover.on_disk_shelf_miscompare' value is already off

As of now there is no fix for this and NetApp has identified it as bug id 349449.