Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to quit SSH session by typing 'exit' in ONTAP

Just a little trick to remove annoyance for new NetApp admin.

Usually when we want to terminate a SSH session on ONTAP you type Ctrl+D as typing 'exit' returns with message to press 'Ctrl+D' to exit. It's perfectly fine and there isn't any harm as that gracefully closes the session but as most of us are more use to of typing 'exit' to terminate the session, find it odd. 

So for those who prefer typing 'exit' to close the session can do so by enabling telnet.distinct.enable option.
Default setting for this option is off which in effect mirrors telnet and console session but if you don't use this feature, which I believe most of us don't, can enable it and feel more at home.


Sreedhara Bhaskar said...

hi Mohit,
I am trying to find out, ontap 8.0.2 ssh - how many session does it supports ? coz, i have created users with administrators role, but they are not able to log in! it just closes ssh windows automatically. thank you.

Mohit Agarwal said...

Hi sreedhara,

ONTAP supports only one interactive ssh session, however you can have 24 remote ssh sessions.

In your case I believe someone is having an active interactive ssh session open with him or your putty is sending some unsupported command. I would suggest you to check in messages file and look for some clues, if that doesn't work you may want to run ssh setup again as sometime it fixes the problems.


Pankaj Dixit said...

Hi Mohit,
Is there any way I can know from my filer that how many NFS clients are connected to my Filer like cifs sessions?


Mohit Agarwal said...

Unfortunately the answer is no, you can't see how many active connections are there for nfs