Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to get the list of domain users added to filer without fiddling with SID

There were numerous time when I wanted to see an AD user’s permission on filer however just to locate that user on system itself took me a lot of time. Why? Because Ontap shows domain users added to system in SID format rather than their names which is very much annoying as when it dumps the SIDs on screen then we have to use ‘cifs lookup’ command to hunt for the user I am looking for from that bunch of SIDs.

So here’s a little handy unix script to see the list of all AD users added on filers in their username format rather then SIDs

I have already setup a password less login to filer therefore I haven’t added the username and password fields however if you haven’t done that add your login credentials after name of the filer in below command.

rsh useradmin domainuser list -g ‘Administrators’ | sed 's/^S/rsh cifs lookup S/'

Now this command will display the AD users added in Administrator group however if you want to see users from any other group replace the Administrators word with group name on your screen.

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